Tiny House Details: Composting Commode – Open Comment Thread

Composting Toilet

Our composting toilet – photo by Tammy Strobel

Hi everyone,

I’m working on an article about our composting toilet system. In the post, I will describe the materials and tools we use for our composting toilet. I also want to answer any questions you have about the process. Whenever we do public tours or host the media, our composting commode generates the most curiosity by far. Please leave a comment below with your questions about composting toilets. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Tiny House Details: Composting Commode – Open Comment Thread

  1. I’d love a general overview, your thoughts and experiences, etc….I plan on building a very small cabin when I move back to Colorado. We’re considering a composting toilet, and possibly even a 12V DC electrical system with Solar and wind power.

    Dan @ ZenPresence

  2. Happy New Year Logan! So excited for this post and the next. :) My question is what do you do with the compost when you remove it from the toilet?

  3. I have a question that I bet a lot of others are thinking about too, is there a smell? Thank you for your great blog posts :)

  4. My question relates not so much to the toilet, though I’m curious to know how you use the jar of dirt that’s always in the corner, but about showering, dish washing, hand washing, etc. Now that you all are living in a more rural area, do you still use the gym for showers? Where does your water supply to the tiny house come from?

  5. I’m very interested in how it is with you two living on such tiny space with a toilet. For myself, I would prefer if the toilet would be located outside the house. Because of smell and privacy.

    What’s it like when you both are home or have guest and someone needs to use the toilet? I imagine it causes a lot of awkward silence…

  6. Why did you choose composting? What other options are there for off grid living. What type is the most like a “normal” toilet? What is the upkeep like? Is there a smell?!

  7. Did you look at the Marine composting toilets like the Nature’s head? They seem like an almost ideal solution, that or the Swedish “Separett” toilet systems. I have a microbiology background and separating urine and fecal waste makes a lot of sense to me.

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