A Sincerely Heart-Warming Campaign

Tiny House, Big Heart on Indiegogo.

Tammy and I had the pleasure of meeting Kim and Jenn in one of the Portland Alternative Dwelling construction workshops. They are a really wonderful and sincere couple. The tragedy in the video above really hits home for us because the previous summer, our tiny house was parked in the EXACT location that Kim’s house was parked. This tragic fire could have just as easily consumed our tiny house instead of hers. We donated to the cause because we feel solidarity with the tiny house movement. You may ask, “What about insurance”? Read this blog post by Dee Williams to learn about the current state of Tiny House Insurance.

Life changes fast. Although bad things will happen to all of us, its important to remember that community, friendships, and empathy are all the tools we need to build resilience in the face of disaster.

Sincerely, Logan.