A Sincerely Heart-Warming Campaign

Tiny House, Big Heart on Indiegogo.

Tammy and I had the pleasure of meeting Kim and Jenn in one of the Portland Alternative Dwelling construction workshops. They are a really wonderful and sincere couple. The tragedy in the video above really hits home for us because the previous summer, our tiny house was parked in the EXACT location that Kim’s house was parked. This tragic fire could have just as easily consumed our tiny house instead of hers. We donated to the cause because we feel solidarity with the tiny house movement. You may ask, “What about insurance”? Read this blog post by Dee Williams to learn about the current state of Tiny House Insurance.

Life changes fast. Although bad things will happen to all of us, its important to remember that community, friendships, and empathy are all the tools we need to build resilience in the face of disaster.

Sincerely, Logan.

6 thoughts on “A Sincerely Heart-Warming Campaign

  1. Thanks for your kind words Logan. It’s sweet people like you that make this world a fantastic place. I hope you and Tammy can pop in this summer if you’re in the PNW to check out our progress. Much love and big thanks, kim langston

    • Of course Kim! That would be fun. We will let you know the next time we visit Oly. We Can’t wait to hear some of the music perks you have! :) Cheers!

      • We just got our first finished song submission for the CD last night from Rae Spoon. It is soooo good. This is going to be an amazing album. I can’t wait!

  2. I’ve just donated. I’m really interested in the co-op. I was able to get a very limited policy on my house that covers fire only, but it doesn’t go far enough and wasn’t easy to get. The insurance broker essentially told me that she did it as a favor to the person who referred me, and asked that I not refer her to other tiny house people!

    She did say that it would be a lot easier to get insurance if I was a member of some kind of tiny house association…

    • Hi Ethan,

      Great to hear! Yes, the Tiny House Co-op idea is something that Dee has started developing a bit. The topic has been added to a conversation all the speakers are going to have following the June Yestermorrow faire in Vermont. Hopefully we can come to some resolution on the topic. :) There is the small house society that Gregory Johnson started years ago as one example of an “association”. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Logan. Donated.

    The fact that one cannot take out insurance on their tiny house illustrates how opposed government is to the movement. But why? Surely there is economic benefit–especially to local government–to be found in encouraging people to build their own dwellings with cash. From my observations, tiny house builders tend to support local small business, with a focus on small artesian operators. I’ve read few accounts where a tiny house builder has sought to fit out their house with cheap imported fixtures and materials.

    Perhaps it is just that–small business is of little interest to the system.

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