12 X 12 Project

The 12x12 project under contruction at the Queens Botanical Garden in NYC - Image from the12x12project.tumblr.com/

The 12×12 project under contruction at the Queens Botanical Garden in NYC – Image from the12x12project.tumblr.com

Head’s up North East readers! A group of artists and organizations is joining with the World Policy Institute and author William Powers to bring the 12 x 12 project to life at the Queens Botanical Garden in New York City. If you are nearby, RSVP for an admission ticket and to get more info on this wonderful tiny house built in the middle of New York City! :)

Cover of William Power's book - image from New World Library Publishing.

Cover of William Power’s book – image from New World Library Publishing.

About the project from the World Policy Institute website above: “The installation is a simple, modular space that houses panels containing text and questions from the Twelve by Twelve book. These panels will vary, allowing the project to grow and evolve. Participants including the public, invited groups, and artists will engage with the question: “What’s your 12×12?” to spark new thinking around what smart consumption means for each person.”

The history of the project is further described on the World Policy Institute side as stemming from “…author and WPI Senior Fellow, William Powers, who was inspired by the powerful story of a North Carolina pediatrician who gave up a luxurious home to live off the grid in a 12′ x 12′ house and permaculture farm. Powers, who spent a season living in the tiny house, chronicled his stay in the 2010 award-winning, national “green living” bestseller, now in its fifth printing: Twelve by Twelve: A One Room Cabin, Off the Grid & Beyond the American Dream.”

Tiny houses are a beautiful symbol of home. Whether home to you means a simple place of peace or the planet Earth as a whole, I think this project offers a wonderful philosophical perspective to consider.

Cheers, Logan.

2 thoughts on “12 X 12 Project

  1. For a one-story building and a single occupant, try a 3×6 daybed. Store outfits in under-bed, pull-out storage baskets. Store handy items in a tote bag on a hook near the bed. Sit on the bed to dine, study, entertain, etc. Store your coat on a hook near the entry.

    Try a 6×6 bathroom. Include a 3×3 shower, standard-sized toilet and one-foot corner sink without a vanity. Store towels and cosmetic baskets on narrow shelving over the toilet. Use hooks for towels or clothing.

    Try a 2×6 kitchenette with 24-inch under-counter appliances found at Compact Appliance online. Include a standard-sized kitchen sink, a fridge and combination washer/dryer. Store a portable stove top, stackable pans and dry goods under the sink. Store dishes and glasses vertically on narrow shelving at the ends of the counter top. Store utensils in a portable basket on a deep window sill. Span windows across the kitchen counter.

    This leaves approximately a 9×10 area for projects, to entertain, etc. Try stackable floor cushions. Try indoor/outdoor folding chairs.

    Go paperless with a handheld computer. This excludes office supplies, books, CDs, etc.

    Shelving, cupboards, closets, an office, dining room set or bedroom set may not be really needed.

    For additional spaciousness, face the bed towards windows and not towards the bathroom or the clutter of the kitchen area. Try skylights, arched windows, recessed lighting, heated floors, glass and screen doors, etc.

    It’s about changing old habits and not about trying to cram the typical lifestyle into a small space.

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