Small is Beautiful – Tiny House Film Documentary Fundraiser and New ebook available

I wanted to give everyone an update regarding two fun tiny house projects I’ve seen recently.

Small is Beautiful is a tiny house film documentary that is conducting a fundraising campaign. Check out the trailer below and be sure to visit the YouTube Channel for more film vignettes of tiny housers.

Small is Beautiful – A Tiny House Film – Pozible from Jeremy Beasley on Vimeo.

HowToDecorate_300x2501Also, our friend Andrew Odom at Tiny Revolution is launching another ebook called “How to decorate your tiny house.” I’ve read through this book and there are some fun ideas of how to incorporate style and functionality into tiny spaces. Just reading the ebook is enough to inspire all sorts of creative multipurpose solutions. You can find out more about the ebook by clicking the image to the left.

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