Hello and welcome to Smalltopia! My name is Logan Smith and I am a teacher, a scientist, and a simple-living advocate. I blog to gain greater self awareness and to become more confident in both my writing and teaching.

I’m passionate about cycling, community-vitality, and applied learning and my writing naturally follows these themes. I write from experience and I post as often as I can, although, never as often as I should. Also, I have a Smalltopia Facebook page where I similarly post sporadically. It is my goal to inspire, entertain, and inform readers about my interests in pursuing the question: “What is enough”?

Thanks for visiting and please contact me with any questions! My email address is: loganblairsmith(at)gmail(dot)com.

See the video below to hear our story:

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  1. Yea Logan! Been following Tammy for a couple years (and loved her new book), and have found your journey together very inspirational. I look forward to reading your perspectives too…

    • Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I’ve been editing for Tammy since the beginning but it will be nice to have my own voice for ideas that don’t suit Rowdykittens readers. :^)

  2. I am a loyal follower of RowdyKittens. So glad you are getting your voice out there as well. Look forward to learning more about your perspective and details on a tiny house. I am looking for a less expensive way to live and hearing first hand info will really help!

  3. Logan, I’m so excited you’ve started this blog! I’ve been following Rowdykittens for some time and have enjoyed it. I enjoy the way the blog has evolved but I do miss the tiny house/minimalist topics. Looks like you’ve got it covered. I don’t live in a tiny house and probably never will but the posts are inspiring to help me keep things in perspective and not fall into the materialism trap.

    I’d like to suggest some future topics on bicycling. Such as recommended brands, styles, dealing with cars, ideas for working up to longer distances, gear and packing for various trips. I have Tammy’s book about living car free and actually purchased a bicycle and rode it a little bit but never got farther than that. The whole idea of dealing with traffic is scary. Seems like bicycles are an important aspect of smalltopia.

    • Hi Bert!

      Thanks for reading! I will indeed be writing on some bikey topics but in the meantime I’d suggest reading Elly Blue’s new book called “everyday cycling”. Elly has really done a comprehensive job of discussing all practical topics related to beginning to ride. Traffic can be scary but Elly has some great tips on how to ride in traffic confidently, mapping bike appropriate streets and finding resources in your community. Cheers!

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  8. Hi, this house is perfect! Window’s setup must work magic in beautiful places. Great Stuff. How about cold winters? -10 to- 20 Celsius. At my płace -30 is not exceptional.

  9. So glad to find your blog, Logan! I am cheering you on from afar! You and Tammy have inspired me to live more simply. We have too much stuff and downsizing has been at the back of my mind for some time now–all because of meeting you. THANK YOU. I am looking into the possibility of building/buying a tiny house. :-) ~Shamra

  10. You two are so adorable. It makes me happy. My fiance and I are talking about going tiny ourselves and I can not be more excited. I love how it has brought couples closer and gotten many people to look at real priorities. I think society as a whole tells everyone that importance and success is attached to money and square footage. I’d rather focus on spending time on people I love, fun hobbies and experiences. = D

    • Thanks Kelli! Good luck! Remember it doesn’t take a tiny house to accomplish your goals. Tammy and I did alot in small apartments in the 5 years leading up to the tiny house. :)

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