Many tools and materials comprise our tiny house. Photo by Tammy Strobel

Many tools and materials comprise our tiny house. Photo by Tammy Strobel

Tiny house details:

Tammy and I have received a lot of questions regarding tiny house details. Tammy does her best to keep up with these questions by adding notes to her tiny house frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. However, most of the answers on the Rowdykittens FAQ page are rather brief. When I was searching for tiny house tools and appliances I yearned for more details than most blogs or videos provided so I thought I would start a series called tiny house details. In this series I will cover the tools and materials we chose and why we chose them. Here are a few examples of tiny house details chapters you can look forward to seeing:

Food storageĀ - Glass Mason Jars

Alcohol stove – Origo 3000

Composting toilet system – SeparettĀ Privy 500 (urine diverting toilet insert)

Windows – Jeld Wen double hung windows

Flooring – Glue down cork tiles

Lights – Ikea inreda LEDs in addition to CFL based wall sconces

Loft bed and frame – Rocksoft futon mattress and pine frame with a two inch Novaform visoelastic memory foam topper.

Front and french doors – Parr lumber

Leveling – Camco sissor jacks

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  1. Hi, Have you tried one of the spark guns used to light torches , they use a quartz crystal to produce a spark and don’t need flints or fuel. Also can you use an alternate fuel in stove such as coleman fuel or naptha which can be cheaper and provide faster heat for you ?

    • Hi Alex,

      Yes, I’ve tired the Piezo electric lighters. They work well with propane however for some reason don’t work at all with alcohol. I don’t know if the vapors have a low enough flash point for this type of lighter. Only a copious amount of spark or a radiant flame will light the alcohol burners.

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